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Thread: muscle relaxers?

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    Default muscle relaxers?

    I really have messed up my neck and shoulders and I am thinking about going to the Dr's but I think they may give me muscle relaxers. Are they safe to take?
    I can also try my chiropractor instead but sometimes that takes too long to fix.

    I think I hurt my neck from nursing. I think I am scrunching myself up even with my boppy. I know I haven't hurt it in an accident or anything like that so I know it will get better. I am just miserable right now! I keep taking tynol and mortin.Any ideas?????
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    Default Re: muscle relaxers?

    I'm sure there are some that are safe. I'm not a doctor (nor do I play one on the internet ), so I really couldn't suggest any particular medication. However, I can recommend two resources that your health care provider could search before prescribing something for you:
    Lactmed Database
    Medications and Mothers' Milk

    As for your neck and shoulders, I would suggest to try sitting up, well supported when nursing. Be careful NOT to lean over baby. Instead, use pillows or a rolled up blanket to prop your elbow on and bring baby up to your level, not the other way around. This should reduce any strain.

    Feel better soon!

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