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    I BF and pump for my lo while I'm at work, so he doesn't supplement with formula. he does not eat solids yet either. 2 weeks ago we found out my lo had an ear infection. i thought BF was supposed to help with ear infections? he took his medicine for 10 days and just had another check and his infection still hasn't gone away. i've been trying to BF more often to keep his liquids up and to help the infection go away faster, but he hasn't been wanting to eat more than his normal schedule. in fact, he's been eating a bit less. now the doctor has given me another antibiotic for him. i just feel so bad giving him the medicines.

    has anyone given their lo a probiotic? i've heard some good things about them recently and was thinking of trying that. also, my lo is 5 1/2 months old.

    thanks for any advice, info, and opinions!

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    Sorry your LO is sick! BF does help with ear infections, but it's not 100% effective at preventing them. My DH and my brother were both breastfed, and both had TONS of ear infections. Some kids are just more vulnerable to ear infections than others!

    I've heard that probiotics can really help when a baby is on ABX. I'm not sure which ones are the best, but yogurt is a great probiotic, and it's easy to find, too.

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    I have heard good things about probiotics too. I give the powdered baby probiotics to my 18 mo. old everyday in his cereal. It's suppose to help with the immune system. It's worth a try.

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