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    BF has been going great, we made it to 3 months already. Yesterday morning I woke up with a sore breast! The right side of my right breast is pretty tender and painful. It almost feels as if it is engorged or something. Could this be a plugged duct? What can I do to lessen the pain/take the pain away completely? I've been feeding DD on this side more than the other side and taking hot showers and massaging the sore spot. The skin is a little bit pink where it hurts, not quite red. Help! This sucks!
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    First of all, good job on making it this far!!
    It sounds like a plugged duct to me - at least what I experience with one. (Other moms may have other ideas on what it might be) However, if it is a plugged duct, what worked for me was to drink lots (and I mean LOTS) of water, to pump after nursing to make sure the breast is emptied, and to get lots of rest. Usually I was able to fix it in a day or two. If it is bright red with a fever, you may want to call your DR because it could be an infection. Plugged ducts are painful! I am so sorry that you are feeling this pain! I hope that it clears up soon! Hang in There!
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    sounds like a clogged duct to me as well...ouch! massage the sore area while you bf lo, warm compress for 15 min prior to bf, pump after to make sure both sides are empty, cold compress for 15 after pumping, contine to massage while taking warm showers, drink LOTS of water. bf lo on the sore side is the most effective thing. you can take tylenol for the pain. you can also submerge breast in warm water...lean over a bowl. now, the minute you start to get flu symptoms, a fever, reddness on breast, pain worsens, CALL YOUR DR ASAP! the clogged duct may have turned into an infection called mastitis. not fun. i just cleared up my infection last week and it took a week...longest week of my life. HTH & GL! feed feed feed drink drink drink rest rest rest!

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    I vote clog also....
    hows your nipple fealing?
    sometimes a milk blister will cause a clog.


    it sounds like your doing all the right things.
    Heat massage, lots of nursing.
    ITs ok to to take what ever your doctor says it ok for pain.

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