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Thread: 3 month old not wanting to nurse?

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    Default 3 month old not wanting to nurse?

    I am having a problem with my 3 month old that has been going on for a week. He seems to only want to eat for a few minutes and then he's had enough and pulls away. He whines while he is sucking and he is more comfort sucking than anything else. I'm worried he isn't getting enough. Diaper output has been okay, but is less so far today than usual.

    He seems as though he isn't even hungry, yet when he pulls off, he instantly puts his fist into his mouth.

    What could this be?

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    Default Re: 3 month old not wanting to nurse?

    I'm having a very similar problem (see bringing baby back to breast post). Are you bottle feeding at all? My 3 month old is received breast milk via bottles at daycare and I think he's getting used to the high flow.

    Have you pumped at all to check on your supply? Has your little one been diagnosed with anything like acid reflux? When our baby's reflux has been out of control in the past, he seemed to want to suck for comfort (we'd give him a pacifier to help keep the acid down), but not be as interested in sucking for food.

    You're right to closely monitor diapers. If you are seeing dimished output, I'd absolutely call your pediatrician.

    I feel your frustration!

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