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Thread: Pinching ooouuuchhh!!!

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    Default Pinching ooouuuchhh!!!

    I have seen some posts on pinching babies so thought id get some words of wisdom. Sarai has just started to pinch really hard. i hear her swallowing so i dont think its cause of a slow flow. I try and hold her hand and she screams cause she wants to pinch me.......I dont want to scare her by my painful screams but it is so painful. I try to talk to her and nothing..shes five months old

    sucessfully breastfeeding my little princess for 10 months we are absolutely in love I know Im giving her the best and I know she'll grow healthy and strong!!
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    Default Re: Pinching ooouuuchhh!!!

    Pinching and twisting and scratching and gouging and flicking Wasnt this meant to be a lovely bonding experience? Than why am I bleeding!!!!!!
    Ashley's doing the same. I have racked my head to think of ways to protect myself from his marauding hands, not much has worked but maybe they will for you...

    Holding something else...usually just distracted him from feeding, meaning he wouldnt go to sleep. And he has two hands...
    Holding his hands... See above.
    Stopping the feed, explaining that it hurts. See above.
    Socks on hands. This has been quite successful really, especially at night because he does tend to do it right as he is eyes start closing and he drifts of to sleep. So he sleeps with socks on his mits.

    Some of my frriends who are still feeding at two still battle with this, I really wonder sometimes whether I will have the patience to carry on. Then we have a really gorgeous session and he snuggles into me like an angel and I know that I couldnt give that up.

    Sorry, post hasnt really been very helpful!!!! But just wanted you to know that it happens to the best of us, you're not alone!!!!!
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