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Thread: breast milk changes??

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    Default breast milk changes??

    Not sure where to post this so move if need be!!
    my LO is 5.5months and is BF gets some cereal/fruit/water 2xday and bottle of BM 1xday i pupmed last night and this am and noticed that my milk is not as fatty as it used to be this is the first time i have pumped in about a week or so.
    is this a normal change??
    is there something i am or am not doing??
    all replys welcome thank you

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    Default Re: breast milk changes??

    Fat in the milk is directly related to the degree of emptiness of the breast. See here:

    No worries about how much fat you see floating on the top of the bottle. Over the course of a day, your baby gets the right amount of fats he needs.

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