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    ok so ds has eatten well prity much since birth, althought this last week he has decied to start eatting not so well, this is how all of our feedings go..... first 5 min continious sucking and swallowing, next 5-10 min (till i get fed up with it) suck, suck, pull off, look arround, latch back on, suck, suck, pull off, look arround, latch back on, suck, suck, pull off, look arround, latch back on, and so on.... for like i said 5-10 min till i get sick of it, he actually seems satisfied, could he be getting all he needs in a 5min feeding???? and thoughts on the problem or how to get him to eat without all the pulling of 50+ x"s????
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    my ds (20 wks old), does the exact same thing! i think they're just at that age where they don't want to miss a thing going on this world. my lo seems to think it's pretty hilarious too. sometimes he'll pop off,....look at me and giggle,...and do that little number a couple times in a row for fun. i know it can be quite frustrating and i also worry sometimes if he's eating enough, but i just keep feeding on demand...and my chunky monkey is gaining weight well and diaper output is good, so i'm good. if someone has figured out a way to get lo to feed more efficiently than i'd love to hear it and try it. but just thought i'd let you know i'm right there with ya, going through the same thing.

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    That sounds very normal for his age. DD got way more efficient at eating around four months and now she eats very fast and pops on and off. I let her do it a few times and then I decide that she's done. I know when you are used to a baby eating so long, then they start being faster it is a little alarming, but it's really normal.

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