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Thread: how do I prepare her for this?

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    Default Re: how do I prepare her for this?

    I would not offer formula. Most likely if she is not used to it she will refuse it when it is offered at her dad's. I would provide pumped milk. You should probably experiment with different bottles or sippies. At 6 months babies can have water so put water in a sippy cup for her to play with and experiment with. I would type out a list of what she can eat (only bm, a little water-usually no more than 4 oz and whatever solids she has had) and then have the doctor sign it. Give a copy of that to her dad and tell him that this is the feeding schedule approved by her doctor for her age. Most daddies want whats best for their little one too. Take comfort in that.

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    Default Re: how do I prepare her for this?

    Quote Originally Posted by Caprine View Post
    should start teaching her to use a sippy cup?
    This is a sound idea. You could also retry a bottle and let her see if she wants to place the tip in her own mouth. Try to keep it a happy no pressure situation.

    Quote Originally Posted by Caprine View Post
    Should I offer formula at times in case he gives her that instead? What will happen if he gives her whole cows milk? If I nurse before she leaves and when she comes back, can she do well with solids only for 8 hours at 7 months?
    Don't offer the formula if you have a breast. he may try it, but you are going to be powerless to stop that. Many bf babies outright refuse formula, and this may happen. Leave room in your relationship for him to call you should he have any problem and like to try and trouble shoot with you. This might be hard to do for you when there is hostility, but by clearing the room for communication you will aid your child.

    If he gives her cows milk there is a possibility she might do fine, there is also a possibility that she would become ill- It's not a good idea. You can verify this information through your general pediatrician- cows milk is not for infants.

    8 hours is a long time with no fluids. She may need up to 16 ounces of bm during this time.

    Quote Originally Posted by Caprine View Post
    For the weekends, I don't even know where to begin. Assuming she'll drink from a cup, how much BM would I need to send for 48 hours at 10 months? What will happen if he gives her solids and water only? Is cosleeping going to make it worse for her than if I tried to get her used to sleeping alone now? Do I need to teach her to fall asleep without nursing?
    You will want to have around 1 1/2 ounces to 2 ounces for every hour she is separated from you. Water is ok to give a bf baby during meals with solid food. BM is easily digestible and will offer the nutrition she needs. Solids are a supplement to bm during the first year, not the other way around. You milk is key to her health.
    She needs her mama, trying to separate from her now during this stressful period will probably make it harder for both of you. Co-sleep all you want, nurse to sleep all you want. Babies are flexible creatures, and sooner or later she will work out a sleep routine with your ex. You are not in a position to control how your ex will act, but you can offer gentle guidance should he want assistance. I would consider finding a way to tell him this.

    She may cry at first when your ex comes to pick her up, and then stop. Most babies quiet down after an initial period of tears.

    I strongly urge you to make friendly calls to see if he would like to come over and have some time with her alone, take yourself off into the other part of the house ect. The time for fostering a more open relationship is now before she is on her over night visits. The less pressure and relationship angst you place on your new relationship of co-parents the better. You can do it!

    Would you like to go over some pumping information now?

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