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Thread: Thrush Again???

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    OK - forget the frozen EBM question - found the answer in the milk storage section. (Well - kind of answer - no one can really agree )
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    From what I understand thrush milk is ok to freeze and give when both mom and baby have thrush anyway, and are working towards resolution. If you were to freeze it and give it when you were all cleared up- not such a hot idea.
    Was this for immediate use or use within the next few weeks?
    Another idea is scalding your milk. What are your thoughts on this? Too much work?
    It is important to thoroughly sterilize once a day, and wash your pump parts after every use while combating thrush.

    The person on this board to query about milk storage questions is Give Peas A Chance.

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    We had thrush for a while, we tried diflucan, vinegar, diet changes, and probiotics which helped for a while but then it came back. I started washing all the underwear and diapers with hot water and a little vinegar, then we did Genetian Violet for DD, DH and myself, and APNO as well. Hasn't been back since.
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