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Thread: Vomitting Baby

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    Exclamation Vomitting Baby

    My little guy has his first bout with vomitting and diarrea and I would love some ideas on how to keep him hydrated.

    He has projectile vomited three times, the last two times waking himself up after nursing to sleep, the first in the car on the way home from Walmart. He also had diarrea (not sorry that I don't know how to spell that word) and I am getting concerned about keeping him hydrated.

    My pedi's nurse recommended 7up, and clear juices and nursing, along with salty crackers/pretzels to keep his tummy full. He loves the crackers, but isn't a fan of the juices or 7up. He has had minimal water, and threw up all my milk he ate.

    Apart from the violent heaves and crying after he throws up, he seems to feel better and is in good spirits, no lethargy or anything.

    What are signs of dehydration I need to look for? Any tips on how to get liquids down him? Could this be something serious, and what should I keep an eye out for?


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    Default Re: Vomitting Baby

    I would nurse nurse nurse, mostly because it's gentle going in and will be gentle if it comes back up.

    I would look for lethargy , acting exhausted, being uber fussy and dry diapers.

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    Default Re: Vomitting Baby

    signs of dehydration include,
    sunken in soft spot,
    dry eyes and/or lips,
    and extreme tiredness.

    when my son had the flu a few months ago,
    it made all the difference if i could nurse him to sleep,
    then he would puke the milk up as soon as he woke up
    an hour or so later but at least i knew he digested some of that milk.

    i would nurse before i gave water, or soda, your milk is a medicine that will help him get better all the sooner so the more milk and less of anything else the better, imho.

    i hope your lo is better soon,
    that is hard on everyone to have sick one!

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