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Thread: oral contraceptives

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    Question oral contraceptives

    I am supposed to be using the mini pill but havent started yet because there is no need to yet kwim? i was wondering if anyone else is on this pill? i used it before with my 1st dd who was only breastfed. my period stayed away for 10 mos but i took the pill just in case, i was young and un-informed. i deffinatley dont want to get pregnant again anytime soon so i need to make some decisions. i wish i could rely on breastfeeding as birth control any advice??
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    Default Re: oral contraceptives

    Haven't started it yet either, but I'm going in next week to get a prescription for one (my DS has started sleeping through the night pretty consistently now). I'll let you know how it goes.

    From hanging around various forums and other moms, I've heard that some still do experience a drop in supply after months of nursing before starting the pill. My guess is it's like a lot of other hormonal things: we're all different, so we'll all react a little differently.

    I guess if you see a drop in supply, you can always get off of it, right?

    That being said, have you thought about using other methods?
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    Default Re: oral contraceptives

    I took that pill with my first and BF him 14 mo.s. Not sure about supply...didn't notice a decrease but it was 1st babe so maybe missed it. I do remember that you have to take it at the same time everyday (more so than regular pill) because it's not as effective.

    Not sure if you are open to other methods...I am considering an IUD; probably the hormone one not the copper one.

    Good luck.
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    Default Re: oral contraceptives

    I wish I could help, but I'm in the same situation. I've seen too many siblings that are only 12-13 months apart, but none of the BC options seem that satisfying.

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    Cool Re: oral contraceptives

    I wanted to do some sort of contraceptive, but was worried it would lower my supply, so we just use condoms. They suck. I hate it. But I don't want another one any time soon, so we use em.
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    Default Re: oral contraceptives

    Nursing is effective birth control if:
    - Your baby is under 6 months old
    - You are breastfeeding on demand both night and day and not supplementing with formula or giving more than an occasional taste of solid food
    - Your baby is not going more than 6 hours without nursing
    - Your period has not yet returned

    If you meet all those conditions, your chances of becoming pregnant are about 1-2%. This is called the Lactational Amenorrhea method (LAM).

    If not, or if you feel like a 1-2% chance is still too high for you, then it's important to use a back-up method. The mini-pill does seem like a good option, as you can always stop it and try something else, and it seems like it's less likely to reduce your supply than the regular pill.

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    Default Re: oral contraceptives

    I have been on it now for about a month. I waited until DD was about 7 months old before starting it, because I just felt better about waiting, even though a lot of people start taking it earlier. I haven't gotten AF yet, so I feel like I probably wouldn't get pregnant anyway, but just in case, DH and I thought it would be best to be careful. I definitely have not had a decrease in supply (I have always had a little OS though). I also had some spotting when I started it, but from what I understand, this is pretty normal.
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    Default Re: oral contraceptives

    I was on minipill with DS and plan on it again. I did not have a decrease in supply and didn't get AF until he was 10 mos. old. However, I've known 3 people in my life that have gotten pregnant before the arrival of AF. My sister always says, "you never know when that first egg will come". I'll prefer to be safe!

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