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Thread: pacifier reccomendations

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    I had a 4 year old that needed weaned from his also.. He used it to go to sleep and I needed him to sleep with a newborn in the house. it stayed in his bed!
    My dd never took one. Must to the horror of all the older ladies that figured that she needed one.
    My son liked his soothie also! the green kind. I liked it becuase it was all one peice and easy to clean. The ones that are made of hard plastic and then the nipple part can get realy gross inside if they are not cleaned right.
    I baby sat a little guy whos were so gross.. I don't think his mom ever washed it that and his bottles were uck uck uck....

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    My dd likes the Avanti pacies. I also hate the fact that we ever started her on them. she was interduced to them at the hospital by the nurse. i was confused because dd was put to the breast and then would fall asleep right away. the nurse would tell me that she was using me a a pacifier and to try the pacifier. I should have known better that all she wanted was ME!! Now she just takes the pacifier when she is really tired and then she spits it out after she falls asleep. Usually she uses her hand.
    Good luck!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by paint-the-moon
    That is what we did with Addie too, "gave her the finger!"
    This is how my dd went home from the hospital, they gave me so much grief about it! (as did my parents and ppl at church) Good to know so many other moms used the pinky!

    I wish too that we would've perservered with the pinky, especially reading about those that outgrew it... but anyway to answer your question....

    We use the soothie brand. I have only bought two and at 5 mo never lost a paci.

    Now she is going for her own fingers... so we'll see...

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    Quote Originally Posted by britebow
    I have only bought two and at 5 mo never lost a paci.
    LOL, losing them doesn't start just yet. We managed to hang onto them until around 10 months, when DS started walking. Now, as a toddler, who knows!! I swore I would only buy a couple, but somehow, that turned into more than just a couple

    An experienced mom I know, who's had 5 kids, says to take it away just before a year to make weaning from it easier, FYI.

    Another friend of mine, who raised 9 babies of her own, never used one. She either nursed or used a pinky or ring finger and encouraged the babies to suck on their own fingers.
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