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Thread: top teeth!

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    I noticed today that Andy is getting one of his front teeth and the second tooth next to it. I'm a little nervous about the nursing. He has two bottom teeth, but his tongue covers them up. He doesn't bite, but will the top teeth irritate me during nursing?

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    K's top teeth never bothered me. Of course the biting did, but that is another topic. But when she would just nurse, I was fine.

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    I wasn't the two in front that got me it was the two on the side that was hard on me. I got small puncture wounds and my LLL leader helped me but showing me some different positions to nurse. It worked! I will say Lo only bite me two times and I told her no bite and but her down and she seemed to get it. She did bite me 4 other times but it was when she was very sick and could not breath out of her nose so I never said anything about it.
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