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    Helllo! I am new to this board and heartening to see that I am not by myself in BF issues My baby girl is almost 1 mo old and we have been pretty ok with bf once my milk came in. I still have some issues with nipple pain in my right breast which has become bearable with use of lanolin cream and taking breaks with bottle feeding breast milk. But now notice a decr in milk prod from r breast which was the better producer of the two. I am not overly engorged but do feel let down but it feels different, more like muscle pain than a tingling. Is this a sign of infection? Also, I have changed pumping routine, less pumping because baby feeding more often. No bleeding, abnormal discharge or cracks. Called into OB but of course, awaiting call back.

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    if you think you could have an infection i would definitely get it checked out, but just to let you know, i noticed a difference in how my letdown felt around the 1 mo mark as well, and it has stayed that way, and i have not had any infections or plugged ducts- etc... around 1 mo i felt like the tingling intensified and almost felt deeper and stronger than before. i attributed it to producing more milk- also my baby nursed like crazy during her 3 wk growth spurt & that was when i felt the change. as for the nipple pain- it will get better in time. i didn't use any creams bc baby wouldn't nurse if i had anything like that on my nipples w/out first washing it off & that got to be a pain. i used an ice cube prior to nursing & that helped numb the latch a bit. also, you may already be doing this, but i dabbed my nipple w/ some breast milk after she nursed & let it dry before i "put it away". once i started letting them get more air after nursing i noticed a huge difference. hopefully someone else will chime in regarding your supply issue cuz i am still trying to figure all that out myself!

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    its normal for one breast to make less milk than the other.
    And its normal for the amounts to change from day to day.
    heres a link about thrush.. that can cause nipple pain/breastpain

    heres a good one from kelly's

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