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Thread: HELP OAL and latching difficulty

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    Unhappy HELP OAL and latching difficulty

    i have been working with a few consultants for the past month on trying to help my daughter with latching. my right breast especially lets down fast and furious and because my nipple is so large and my daughter's mouth is so small, she drowns and consequently either unlatches and has a fit, clamps down on my nipple with all her might, or slides her latch onto the end of my nipple. i have been trying to get her to open her mouth wider for the latch, but only succeed sometimes. it is especially hard when she keeps her eyes closed for the latch when she's tired and we end up having a crying fit because i either won't let her have it until she opens her eyes, or am constantly relatching for the optimal latch. most folks say count my blessings that i have enough milk, and that i'll have to wait it out until her mouth is big enough to handle the flow. i also tried to feed on one side at a time and even block feeding on one side, but that didn't affect my production. i also frequently pump for the initial letdown on my right side and sometimes this helps sometimes not. any suggestions? i have been emotional on and off about this because i sometimes just get so tired of trying so hard and want it to be easier for her and me. does anyone have any good tips or majical solutions?

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    Hang in there Mommie! I don't have any magical advice for you, just lots of encouragement! You are doing great and being proactive in getting the help you need. I am sure that many people have had similar situations and will be able to give you some great advice. Low supply not OS has always been my problem - so unfortunately, I don't have any experience to help you other than just take it one feeding at a time and try and rest. Sleep always tends to help my emotions level out.

    You and your LO can do this!!
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    Oh, momma, you sound stressed. Hang there! It's obvious from your post that you're doing everything you can to make this work for you and LO. Like the pp, low supply is my prob, so I can't provide any practical experiences to help. I do, however, remember reading a post that suggested lying back to b/f so that gravity worked for you keeping milk more in the breast than flowing out so quickly in the down position.

    Keep on trying! You can do this!!
    Mom to Anna, March 28, 2008

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