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    okay first off my son is 2months and he is sleeping more then he did a month ago. is this normal?

    also when i bf him i keep him on one side till he keeps coming off. he will suck for a few seconds then come off and i put him on and he keeps doing it. theres still milk when i try but i switch sides. i dont know if i should do this. i do burp him and it works but he still comes off and when i put him on the other side hes content. i was just wondering since the first side isnt empty if i should be switching

    thanx for the help

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    Have you tried doing compressions when he looks like he's getting to that point where he keeps coming off? Sounds to me like he might just be getting frustrated with the slower milk flow.
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    Everything sounds fine to me.
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    I cannot help with the side switching, BUT my LO is also 2 months and he didn't nap AT ALL after the first couple of weeks. Just recently he has started to take a few little naps a day, so he is definitely sleeping more than before.

    I think it is a combination of me reading his tired cues better and him falling into his own schedule. Unless the sleeping is way excessive (like eating less than before or difficult to wake), then I wouldn't worry too much.

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    My LO is 11 weeks old, and over the weekend he suddenly began sleeping through the night. I thought there might be something wrong, but after checking everything from temperature to the phase of the moon, I realized this was the new "normal" for him, at least temporarily. I have to admit I am enjoying this extra sleep time, but a part of me is still on alert. Sounds like everything is going well for you, as well.

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    My little boy is 11 weeks old and he is doing exactly the same thing. He is sleeping much more through the day than he was before (was worried and checked with docs and everything is fine- not ill just normal for him) and is also having the same problem with his feeds. most of the day he is fine but as it gets to the evening he will go on for a few minutes on one breast and then come off again until I switch him to the other one. He seems to be coming off as soon as the milk switches from coming out fast to coming out slower so I have started squeezing the breast to make the milk come out faster and this seems to help a lot. Have also been watching closely for early cues that he is hungry and feeding him straight away and this seems to work too. hope this helps

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    Everything sounds like it's going well. You'll notice that your LO's sleep habits will continue to change. He may sleep through the night for a while only to start night waking again when he starts teething or going through major developmental milestones.

    And as far as switching sides, if you feel like your breast has been mostly emptied, it's good to switch sides. Your breasts will never be completely empty. Now that's he's getting bigger, he probably likes a faster milk flow, so that may be another reason he wants to switch sides earlier than before. Keep up the good work!
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