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Thread: thrush versus regular nipple soreness?

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    Default thrush versus regular nipple soreness?

    my 6 week old has been nursing constantly lately and one of my nipples has become sore. it burns and is tingly when he is nursing. the other side is not sore at all. so im worried it might be thrush. how do i tell the difference? his tongue is whitish but it just looks like it always has. how long of soreness do i wait until i go to the doctor? the pain isnt so horrible that i cant nurse. i try to stay off that side but i can stilldo it.

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    Default Re: thrush versus regular nipple soreness?

    It's probably from the more frequent nursing. Take a Q-tip and brush LO tonge and see if it comes off. If not then it could be thrush. Thrush on your niples will burn and itch all the time. Then they will crack and ooze a little.
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