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Thread: Side effects from Reglan??

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    Well, yesterday I had my annual at my OB/GYN and I talked to him about my lower supply... I asked him if he ever prescribes anything for it, and he mentioned Reglan. I asked him about Domperidone (Motilium) and he went to look it up, but didn't find anything on it. I guess since it's only available from compounding pharmacies it wasn't in his PDR. At any rate, I opted not to get the prescription for Reglan because my doc said it makes you tired, and I'm already beyond exhausted from LO still waking so much at night. I can't afford to be any more tired than I already am, so for now I have just accepted that LO will need to get 1 bottle of formula at daycare a day. I can only pump enough for 2 bottles, 4 oz each, when I used to be able to pump enough for 3 bottles. I have upped my Fenugreek intake, so hopefully I'll see a little increase...

    Thanks for the replies, mamas... I really appreciate it!!

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    I took Reglan for a prescribed amount of seven days. Although I didn't suffer any side effects and it may have increased my supply a little while I was on it (maybe 2-4 oz. throughout a day), as soon as I stopped taking it my supply dropped. Maybe I'm being paranoid and it's not as bad as I think, but I swear I have less of a supply than before I started the Reglan! This may be due to other circumstances, so I'm not definitely blaming Reglan, but I am very suspicious.

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    I've never taken Reglan, but I have a good friend who has. She said that it made her feel very tired and depressed. It also only helped her supply temporarily, and once she stopped taking it, her supply went down even lower than before she had started taking it.

    I've heard a lot of women have had more success with domperidone. It's harder to get, but the women I've talked to who have used it have said it works a lot better with fewer side effects. I don't know if that helps or not.

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    I get diarrhea if I don't take it exactly as prescribed - 1/2hour before eating. Otherwise, no problems with Reglan.
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    I took it for less than 24 hours. I have never been so tired in my life, and I have a teething five month old that wakes frequently at night! I'm still dissapointed that It didn't work out....
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