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Thread: Starting Solids?

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    Default Starting Solids?

    My son is only 3 months, so I know it's early, but I like to plan ahead!

    Everyone says that you're supposed to start solids ~6 months, but I've also read some breastfeeding moms say that their baby wasn't ready to start until much later.

    What is this baby-led solids thing, and how does it work? What signs should I look for that he's ready? Any suggestions for a first food? I've heard avacados are good - very soft and healthy. Any other ideas? Should I try after he's nursed, or right before, or sometime in the middle, between nursings?

    And does "no solids" for the first 6 months include cereals and other things mixed into breastmilk? For example, I like this "momcicle" idea for teething, where you freeze breastmilk (and maybe a little yogurt or fruit with it) and let him gum at it - should that just be breastmilk before 6 months?


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    Default Re: Starting Solids?

    Dr. Sears has a great page about starting solids that may answer a lot of those questions: http://www.askdrsears.com/html/3/T032000.asp

    Re: the momcicle...I would do breastmilk only until solids have been introduced.
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