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Thread: Almost 11 month of BFing and left breast is crapping out on me!

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    Default Almost 11 month of BFing and left breast is crapping out on me!

    I don't know what the heck is going on, but in the past 2 weeks my left breast has had a serious decrease in output. Nothing has changed at all. My son will be 11m on the 29th and I've been BFing the whole time and pumping (3x a day) at work since he was 12 weeks old.

    I used to get a fairly equal amount from each breast...3-4 ounces per session, but now...nothing from old lefty. I am lucky if I get 3 ounces from all 3 pumping sessions combined from it.

    Is there anything I can do? I've tried fenugreek, Mothers tea, pumping both breasts each session (I did one at a time for a LOOONGG time and it was fine). I can't pump any more at work. He still nurses a lot when I am home...through the night as well.

    Is this the beginning of the end?


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    Smile Re: Almost 11 month of BFing and left breast is crapping out on me!

    This may not help...but I thought I'd share anyway.

    I have been having a significant decrease over the past 3 months or so. I have been really doing everything possible to get as much milk out as I can and had to supplement almost a bottle a day when I finally figured out what the problem is: The power supply to my pump was starting to break. So instead of the normal high powered sound ...I was getting a duller, wimpy sound. I called Medela (who I must say are fabulous to deal with) and we determined that even though my pump techniquely sounded like it was working, the cord it self was all twisted up causing a decrease in power. This twisting basically was the problem. Note: they recommend not wrapping the cord around the plug part, but wrapping it in a back and forth fashion instead.

    I got a new cord from them and the sound that came out of this monster is amazing! I was only getting about an ounce out of each breast...on the first try I got two ounces out of each. It has renewed my spirit to go the next 3.5 months!

    It might be worth a try? Good luck and be very, very proud of yourself for BFing for 11 months!!! You are amazing!

    Daughter to Bella - born 8/30/07

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    Default Re: Almost 11 month of BFing and left breast is crapping out on me!

    Thanks Nicole...you know I would suspect my pump except my right boobs output is fabulous like always. But you never know...I am trying anything to keep pumping till he's a year.

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