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Thread: Oversupply/OAD and need to pump

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    Default Oversupply/OAD and need to pump

    I'm a new mom to Ruth, born April 17, 2008 at 6 lbs. 12.8 oz. Our bf relationship got off to a rather rocky start -- my milk didn't come in until day 5 and she was slightly dehydrated so we supplemented with formula.

    Somehow I think my body got the "hurry up and start producing" message a little too loud and clear. Since my milk has come in, I have major leakage from my breasts and she is FUSSY: She roots but then will wiggle her head back and forth, mouth open, in a frantic manner refusing the breast or latching and unlatching repeatedly. She cries and arches her back after some feedings despite repeated burpings.

    I've started trying to block feed to help the issue. (Her poop has mostly been fine. Only once or twice slightly greenish and once or twice slightly watery.) I'm also feeding uphill.


    1) Is there more to help her pass/avoid gas? She looks terribly uncomfortably and is not confidence building to have her root and refuse or root and latch then pull off for HOURS in the evening.

    2) I can't feel my letdown so I look for her increased swallowing and try to pull her off to catch the excess in a towel. However, if she is latched on, this makes her ANGRY.

    3) I need to go back to work and wanted to pump some while at home to build a freezer stash. I'd hoped to freeze enough for the first week or two of care to give me some cushion. But, I think pumping will only exacerbate the oversupply problem. ARGH!!! I have to go back to work so I'm at a loss as to how best to prepare... Have a hand-me-down Medela PIS double electric pump that only pumps both breasts at once.

    Any advice appreciated!

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    Default Re: Oversupply/OAD and need to pump

    I can't really answer about the pumping, but I can say that if thegas is caused by OS or OALD then it should get better when you get your supply under control. Also, you can try to avoid typical gas causing foods, such as beans and broccolli for a while.
    There is probably no need to unlatch at a letdown especially if it frustrates baby. I found that if my son was getting above and beyond to much milk at a letdown, he would unlatch himself if neccessary. Most of the time though, he would manage to control the milk, although blockfeedings helped him alot.
    I would suggest just kepping up the blockfeeding for a while, sometimes it takes a few days or weeks for your body to adjust.
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    Default Re: Oversupply/OAD and need to pump

    So your little one is gassy? Painfully so? Some gas drops might help. My LO is always gassy, but is not usually in pain. I have noticed this though, he often comes off the breast when I am really full and will start wailing. I have figured out that this is his signal that he really needs to burp. He takes in more air when I am extremely full. Might try more burp breaks. She will probably be able to manage all this as she gets a little bigger.

    I am suprised you can't feel your let down. Do you experience any relief of pressure when you are nursing? I have OS and OALD. Especially when I am really full, I know the let down has occurred when I feel less pressure, and less pain. If you hear a lot of swallowing you should be okay.

    If your LO is able to manage the OALD, I agree that I wouldn't pull her off. My LO has gotten used to it, and if it is too much, he will pull off and be grumpy. When he does this is when I catch it in a towel, and then start over. (I usually squirt the poor kid, but he is used to that too.)

    For me, until LO was really comfortable with nursing, I pumped enough off my breasts to allow him to latch well. This may seem to be counter effective on the oversupply issue, but it really helped us be more comfortable.

    A few weeks of block feeding and sage helped me get things under control. Now I just sort of manage between days of block feeding, and a few days off to stay in balance. Now I usually start the day really full, but end the day more normal.

    I exclusively double pumped for a long time before starting to nurse, so that is how I built a freezer supply. Since my LO is now nursing, we give him one bottle at night to help him remember what the bottle is for, so he can go to grandma's when necessary. Daddy gives the bottle, and I pump at that time, saving what I have for the next night. Most nights I double pump and get enough for two bottles. This might be a strategy that would work for you, as it sounds like your LO will be getting a bottle also. Once you are able to better manage your supply, double pumping won't be quite as bad.

    I have given my baby formula some, mostly because we had problems to overcome at first. If you don't have quite enough when you go back to work, you could use some formula until you are at work and pumping. When you start pumping at work, you will have milk for the next day, probably more than the next day. It might get you by until you are stocked up. But, if you don't want to use formula at any means, I understand that too.

    Good luck!!

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