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Thread: I see a pattern of bms and it makes me wonder...

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    Default I see a pattern of bms and it makes me wonder...

    Hi everyone,

    I know this is an interesting topic but I really am curious. I've noticed that while I've been feeding my son solids he has more bms. At first it was only once a day every other day then it switched to once every day. This last week, because of finals, I've been very bad at feeding him solids bc I just haven't had time to make any for him so finally cheated an bought the jarred kind. When I finally fed him solids last night he had bms this morning. SO..my connection is that apparently solids lead to bms -I don't mean to sound stupid here, but when he was just bfing for these few day he didn't have any bms. Does this mean that he needs the solids to have enough to have a bm output? I'm not really asking if I'm giving him enough breastmilk bc I know that bf babies don't use the bathroom as often but I guess I'm asking does this mean that giving him solids really is important now -I've heard that they can with go until they're one? Plus, he got SO excited when he did see I was going to feed him last night...
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    Default Re: I see a pattern of bms and it makes me wonder...

    solids create more waste hence more poops. Breastmilk leaves little waste so the more solids he eats the more he will probably poop. My lo used to go 2-3 times a week. Now that she eats solids she poops twice a day usually.

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    Default Re: I see a pattern of bms and it makes me wonder...

    I think you can hold out for a while longer, but if your son is excited about food like that, I don't see any reason why you'd need to.
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