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Thread: Making homemade food I have ?s

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    Default Making homemade food I have ?s

    I am going to cook carrots but need to know which is the best for soft carrots. boil or steam? or bake? i am guessing boiled.

    also I want her to feed herself more...well she wants to feed herself. So, if i baked my butternut squash will is stay soft if I diced it up after i cooked it. i also want to know the same with carrots.

    thanks it has been a while since i cooked for a baby and well my kids do not like too many veggies.
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    Default Re: Making homemade food I have ?s

    I don't know if it's true or not, but I've heard that steaming is better than boiling because more of the nutrients stay in the food, rather than leaching into the water.
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    Default Re: Making homemade food I have ?s

    the pedi told me that baking is best for nutrients and i did this last night, I took a pile of baby carrots and wrapped them in foil as if i was baking a potato, worked perfectly although they did leak a little so i suggest using a baking sheet....just bake until they give when squeezed a little (like a potato)

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    Default Re: Making homemade food I have ?s

    It doesn't sound like you will puree but in case you do: remember not to use the water if you boil bc of the nitrates. Steaming is supposed to be best according to wholesomebabyfoods.com. They also say that next to baking it works best to keeps the most nutrients in the food. My little one does okay with veggies but I always mix it with fruits -lately I'm going to start mixing it with yogurt too -maybe this is something she'll like better.
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