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Thread: Nipple Tingles

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    Question Nipple Tingles

    new to LLL-- i have used the site for answers to many ??. The LO is 4 weeks hold, and never had a problem latching -- the problem i am having is that from day 4 i have had an overburdence of milk () and expressed the excess and stored it -- my dilema now is 2 fold -- milk production is still high and i am trying not to pump as often, but have to because of the discomfort. any suggestions. The second part is that my nipples have a tingling feeling, i have verified that it is not thrush -- need to ease the tingling in the nipples due to the pain.

    thanks in advance.

    BF and loving every moment

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    Default Re: Nipple Tingles

    Have you seen these resources?

    Does anything there sound familiar?

    Am I understanding you are pumping in addition to nursing?

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    thank you for the links. After reading the link "am i making to much milk", I am trying to feed the baby on one side until fully drained -- the problem is the LO is feeding between 5-10 minutes and using my nipples like a elastic and pulling. She is more gassy and spitting more than usual.

    Yes i am also expressing because the milk production is too much-- mostly during the night, at least 8oz a night.

    As for the tingles of the nipple, just as the appeared, the tingle is less now.

    Thank you

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