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Thread: More & More nightfeeding..

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    Default More & More nightfeeding..

    DS (5 months, 2 weeks) stayed asleep all night (from 8pm to 6am) for a couple of months. Then, like magic, the day he turned 4 months old he started waking up once a night to eat. That was fine, I would pull him into bed and nurse him and then fall asleep holding him. No big deal.

    This weekend, however, he's started waking up 3-4 times a night. He ate fine during the day, isn't noticeably sick or cranky, he takes his naps and everything great. The night nursing is wearing me out. Saturday morning, he nursed & fell asleep at 8:30, then woke up at 1, 3 and 5 and then wouldn't go back to bed until 9. Sunday, he nursed & fell asleep at 8:30, woke up at 1, 3, 5, and 7. Then this morning, he woke up at 1, 3 and then 5:17.

    I am exhausted, and I have no idea why he's suddenly nursing like crazy. The 1 o'clock feeding isn't bad, he'll nurse for maybe 2 minutes and fall asleep. But by 3, he nurses for about 15 minutes and I can't fall back asleep for another half hour.

    He doesn't seem overly distracted during his feedings. Oddly, he usually cluster-feeds during the day - sometimes nursing every hour for about 3 hours - and then takes a really long nap or if we're going somewhere, he can go upwards to 4 hours without eating again.

    Please , I need sleep.
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    Default Re: More & More nightfeeding..

    Did you notice the change when you went back to work? I know when I started back Nora started waking up a lot more frequently at night- more to cuddle with me than to nurse, I think, although nursing was definitely part of it.

    Also, it could be a growth spurt, or maybe he's getting a tooth? Nora nurses a lot at night when she's teething. Hopefully it is something that will pass, I know it can be miserable to deal with prolonged sleep deprivation!!
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    I don't have any advice, buy my dd is working on the exact same schedule! It's exhausting (my hubby thinks that since we're asleep from 10 to 6 I'm getting enough sleep... yeah right! he sleeps straight through, I'm up 4-5 times!!!)
    Anyway just wanted to send you a hug and let you know that I'm there too!
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    My son did the same thing...right when I went back to work at 12 weeks. He started out waking once a night...then more and more and more. Now at almost 11 months he is still waking every 1.5 hours...its exausting. I can't believe I've made it this long! We cosleep, so that helps, but I won't lie and say I'm not looking forward to the day when he sleeps in longer stretches...

    Sorry, not much help, just a "uh huh! I understand!" kind of post...

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