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Thread: Sudden rejection - I'm in tears...

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    Default Sudden rejection - I'm in tears...

    My 7.5 month old suddenly refused my breast about 5 days ago except for nursing to sleep at bedtime. He sleeps through the night, but outright refuses me in the morning and throughout the day. Is he weaning??????

    I have to express because I feel so full and he takes the EBM in a cup, but he wont even get in position to BF. I assume this is weaning, and I happy my little man is growing up, but I'm so sad about it. We struggled so hard to BF early on, and my goal was 6m.

    He may be ready, but I'm not. Now that I have learned so much about BF from this forum, 7.5m seems so soon to wean. Can I reverse this?? Any tricks to get him interested again? (I'm going to try to keep nursing to sleep as long as I can). Thx...

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    Default Re: Sudden rejection - I'm in tears...

    Sounds like your lo is on strike.

    Try this link for some ideas
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    Default Re: Sudden rejection - I'm in tears...

    My LO went through a phase like this about that age. She was just too interested in playing and crawling and rolling around to nurse. She'd scream at the top of her lungs any time that I tried to nurse her during the day. And like your LO, she continued to take EBM and nurse at night. I know you are sad and frustrated. I shed quite a few tears during this phase. All I can say is that for my LO is was a brief phase and she was back to being a good nurser. I found I had to keep trying different places and positions. I found that either side lying and even kneeling over her (her on the bed, me above her on all fours) worked because it gave her the freedom to wiggle around. Sometimes singing to her also worked or giving her a small toy to hold onto. Mostly, I found I just had to take a deep breath, muster up some patience, try a few things, and try not to take her rejection personally. And if she fussed, I would back off and try again later. I made the most out of our bedtime session and also was able to get in a good a.m. session right when she woke up (kept the lights off and nursed before changing her diaper).
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    Default Re: Sudden rejection - I'm in tears...

    Mine went thru something similar around that age. It only lasted a few days and she happily went back to nursing full time.

    She is now almost 13 months old and still going strong
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    Default Re: Sudden rejection - I'm in tears...

    Is it teething related? Mine is bottlefed EBM, but his eating habits are really weird now that he has 4 coming in on top. He has never been one to refuse a meal, but does a lot lately.
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    Default Re: Sudden rejection - I'm in tears...

    Babies that young don't wean on their own and weaning is almost never sudden like that. Strikes are temporary (and rough on mommas!) Here are some other ideas for a striking baby. http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/...to-breast.html It takes patience and time, but you can get them back.
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    Default Re: Sudden rejection - I'm in tears...

    That doesn't sound like weaning, mama. Weaning occurs gradually. This was sudden, and your baby is quite a bit under a year old. As others have mentioned, your baby is likely having a nursing strike. Here's some helpful info:

    Does anything there ring a bell?

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    Default Re: Sudden rejection - I'm in tears...

    Thanks everyone, maybe it is just a strike! I really hope so!!!

    It makes sense Phew...

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