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Thread: Depo-Provera birth control question

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    Quote Originally Posted by short.chasity View Post
    I don't have any experience with the Depo shot but wanted to give you more info on what we do for BC. We do the Sympto-thermo method (NFP). Bascily you take your temp the same time each morning, observe your mucous, and check your cervix (sounds time consuming but it's not). It has been shown in numerous studies (as well as a very recent one) to be 99% effective for preventing pregnancy. My OB/GYN is NFP only and says that most doctors don't tell their patients about it b/c they just don't know about it. He says the info they do get on it is from the birth control pill companies and is skewed to make it look ineefective. He says it is very effective and the safest method out there. He says it isn't taught in medical schools but the modern method is very effective... and there are no hormones so no risk for any side effects. The only thing is you have to abstain during your fertile time (about 1.5-2 weeks) which I honestly haven't had a problem with (my husband actually doesn't either). It has actually made our marraige much strionger. If you want more info the site where I learned it is CCLI.org

    Hope this helps!
    That does sound like a lot of work and I don't know if it would work out for me as I was so bad when taking a simple birth control pill. With my extremely busy schedule (work, baby, dog and a ferret) I just don't see myself doing this... tks for the tip though sound very interesting and I had no idea of the concept... living and learning

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    Oh yeah, my sex drive is GONE. Hubby has to REALLY get me in the mood!!!!!!
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    I just recently got the Depo shot. My daughter is older (16mos), but still heavily dependent on breastmilk due to food allergies, so I was VERY nervous about a negative affect on my milk supply. I have seen no change. I have just as much milk or more, thank goodness. I have had no sex drive decrease either. I'm taking the shot for BC and to manage endometriosis pain, so now that my pain is decreased I'm actually more in the mood for sex. I have not gained any weight either. The only side effect I'm noticing is tiny pimples around my mouth that I usually get with my cycle anyway. Hope this helps. I was very nervous as well, but it has proved to be worth it for me.

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