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Thread: prefers solids to me

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    Default prefers solids to me

    My Lo is a little over 8 months old, we intreduced(sp?) solids around 5-6 months letting her taste and try mostly on her own. Since then she eats solids really well loves them in fact now at this point she eats sits at the dinner table with us and eats and loves it in fact if you try to eat without putting her to the table and feeding her she throws a fit, sometimes even refusing a bottle during the day because she wants real food. I know this has been detrimental to my milk supply, she is still getting milk when she nurses just she doesnt nurse nearly as much anymore. My question is Is this okay? This is completely led by her we let her eat what she wants not forcing anything on her its a messy process but we do not spoon feed her. Do you think its because she sees her older brother eating? she tries to imitate him in so many other ways maybe this is another. She is still gaining weight has normal poops plenty of wets hitting milestones way early, (she is about to be walking) I guess i just want to be at peace with it. I dont know if i could even restrict how much solids she is getting at this point as she will refuse a bottle or nursing in place of wanting to eat.(she will actually crawl to her place at the table lol) Thanks for listening just needed to get it all out .

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    We are having a similar problem with our LO. She started solids at 4 1/2 months and is now at 7 months is eating watermelon and cheerios. We do jarred baby food and cereals as well as yogurt.

    I am exclusively pumping, so I know exactly how much BM my LO is taking in. She averages about 20-24oz a day, which is just at the bottom of the charts for what she should be taking in. I hate to deny her the solids, but I know that she should still be getting all her nutrition from the BM.

    I have tried to offer her the bottle about 1/2 hour before we are getting ready to eat. I put her in her crib with the bottle so she does not get distracted. She will usually take in half the bottle before the solids and half after.

    Our LO is getting ready to walk as well, she is cruising all over the house. She crawls so fast sometimes, I can't keep up!!!

    I know I did not give you much information, but maybe someone else will come up with other suggestions.
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    Yeah glad to know someone is in the same boat, she eats almost everything we eat aside from some obvious no nos. i have no idea how much bm she is getting but she is still having plenty of wet diapers so i guess its still enough.

    Yesterday while i was at work DH called to tell me she was refusing bottle and screaming so she wanted me, when i got home 30 min later i tried to give her me she didnt want it, so i put her in her highchair and she started giggling and gave her some toast and fruit and she was happy as a clam.

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