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Thread: Any tips for teething??

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    Default Any tips for teething??

    My 5 mo old lo has her first tooth coming in we think. It has been making her pretty miserable i think b/c she has been a lot more cranky for the last week or so. Any tips on how to soothe teething pain?? We have tried those teethers filled with water that you put in the fridge but the problem with them i think is that they are often to hard to get in their mouths to chew on.

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    Default Re: Any tips for teething??

    Some people have suggested momsicles (frozen breast milk in a mesh feeder), and that seemed like a really good idea, but unfortunately our LO doesn't like it. Maybe yours will.

    I wish I had more ideas or better answers. Our LO has 4 of his top teeth coming in at once and it's been a rough couple of weeks. Our doctor said we can give him tylonol, so if it's just too bad we give him that, but he still is in pain anyway. A coworker of mine swore by these homeopathic teething tablets, but those don't seen to do anything either.

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    Default Re: Any tips for teething??

    Lots of people swear by those teething tablets, but I agree with pp, I don't know if they do anything for my lo at all. Might be worth a try for you though, they're not medicated, so can't hurt. A cold wet wash cloth for them to gnaw on sometimes helps. I let her gnaw on my finger or knuckle (before the teeth came in) and sometimes would rub her gums for a minute and it would help for a little while. I've also held on to a big ice cube from my drink and let her gnaw on the end of it (make sure it's been wet first- don't want her sticking her tongue to it ) Once your lo gets to taking solids, I put a piece of frozen banana in a mesh feeder, and she likes that. And, when it gets really bad (esp if at night), then we go for the tylenol. But, i try the other things first, I know it's ok for her, but for some reason feel bad giving tylenol too often and she was teething for months before her first two teeth came in. HTH.

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    Default Re: Any tips for teething??

    What I used was a homeopathic liquid, Camilia. It works faster than Tylenol, so if he was having a real meltdown we'd give him one of those. Other than that, the only thing that seemed to help was Tylenol. He doesn't like anything cold for more than a couple of minutes (I think it gave him some relief, but once it made his mouth and hands cold he didn't like it), so that stuff was a lifesaver.
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