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Thread: Nipple blisters

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    Default Nipple blisters

    I have two small clear blisters that popped up on my nipple. They are apparently the result of a marathon nursing session Friday evening in which my 10-week-old LO would fall asleep and as I got ready to break the suction, he would chomp back down and continue nursing.

    The blisters mush back down onto my nipple when the nipple is soft. However, when it is time to nurse, they pop back out as the nipple becomes firm. They don't particularly hurt, but I can't figure out how to make them go away. I'm also not having any trouble nursing off that side. Should I be concerned about this? I definitely don't want to try and pop them!

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    Agh it's called a milk blister. I've had them before and they were quite painful. Mine did not go away naturally and I had to lance it and it cleared up pretty quickly after that. You steralize a needle, pop it, and then put a bit of neosporin & lanolin on it. Keep it covered w/ lanolin until it heals. You can nurse as normal on that side too. HTH.

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