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    I've just recently tried solids with my DD. She liked bananas, but is not keen on either cereal or sweet potatoes. I'm wondering if I can give her some type of soft bread? My husband handed her a piece of sandwich bread at the park the other day while we were feeding the ducks. She of course stuck it in her mouth. I took it away (what was he thinking? as if she could break it up and throw to the ducks!), but am wondering if it would be okay for her. I think she might enjoy something she could feed herself with.
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    Intellectually I have concerns about bread (Wheat allergies, processed flour ect.) But I had an friend come stay with me last we and she's sixty and a mother of two....I trust her. She gave my son the end piece of bread and said it was a good thing to teeth on. (Hard bread ends) I was hesitant, but he loved it and it really did seem to help with the teething! (Though it was very messy. Crumbs everywhere and mushy stuff. ) I figured it has to be better than those sugary teething biscuits. HE wasn't covered in slobbery mush/gunk. THere was just stuff where he was sitting.LOL

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    I think that whole grain breads would be fine in tiny chunks. I'd hold off until later in the year before offering any wheat products though because of allergy concerns.

    You can also offer small chunks of fruits and vegetables that she can feed herself. Such as peaches, pears, and apricots (gently cooked if necessary to soften), avocado diced into small, bite size pieces and baked sweet potatoes, in tiny chunks are some examples. I really like the info on this web site about a baby led feeding approach ...

    Guidelines for implementing a baby-led approach to the introduction of solid foods

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    That's a great site and the pictures of that little munchkin are fabulous!
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    My dd loves sourdough spelt bread. I purchase it from an organic farm and it's home produced. Spelt is a whole grain in the wheat family. Prior to baking with it, the spelt is soaked so it released the nutrients bound up in the grain and nutrilized the phytic acid which can cause digestive issues (that's usually the problem with wheat for example and why it's hard on the tummy. The grains should be soaked first). You can pick spelt grains or flour up at your local health food store and bake your own bread.

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