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Thread: Bottle's during week and green BM's ?

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    Default Bottle's during week and green BM's ?

    Hi, I have been back at work now for 2 weeks. I pump during the day and nurse as soon as we get home and at night. Something I have noticed is that she has green BM's. I know reasons are: foods I ate or not enough hindmilk. Did not have this prob. with first LO. And pumped milk looks the same as I can remember. When it separates there is the fat on top. I can't think of what I would have eaten during the week either. Is it ok? Do you think it's just the change in environment, etc. that has her system a little upset? She is still having plenty of BM's, they're just green.Thank!
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    Default Re: Bottle's during week and green BM's ?

    My LO has green BM when he is getting teeth-but yours seems a bit young. The other thing I have "heard" but not experienced is that it may be wind.

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