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Thread: Prenatals while BF/

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    Default Prenatals while BF/

    My 2 month old boy has been very gassy lately and a friend suggested that I should stop taking the prenatal vitamins. I'm interested in what others are doing and welcome any recommendations.


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    I would recommend staying on the prenatals and don't see how they could contribute to gassiness.

    I found that chocolate, eggs and dairy made my poor babies gassy and miserable.
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    I'd still take the prenatals... try gripe water for gassiness.
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    my little girl was gassy with or without prenatals, I'd stick to the vitamins and try other methods to help the gas- I use the baby gas drops (mylicon or baby gas-x), you can use them at every feeding if needed with no problems. My lo only needs it every now and then now, but for a while, they were a lifesaver. Also, might take a look at your diet, but if nothing jumps out, some babies are just gassier than others.

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