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Thread: Please help-- week old & going bonkers!

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    Default Re: Please help-- week old & going bonkers!

    Congrats on the kid.

    Feel free to calm down. You sound like I did and still do at times. Then again, I have twins. Which I will say is different but they too were born premie and I know that what you are going through, is alright. You're doing awsome and don't really have anything to worry that much about, or so it looks to me.

    If you would like help, feel free to message me. I'll be sure to let you know if I don't have the answer.

    The BW of my smallest, Dain, was 2lb 12oz. Large one, Kori, 4lbs 6 oz. I may be new but I'm willing to do my best to help you out.
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    Default Re: Please help-- week old & going bonkers!

    You're doing Great Mama! Hang in there - it is really tough the first three months especially! You will be a pro in no time at all! Listen to all the good advice you have already been given. I just wanna add that you should try to enjoy every minute because time goes by faster than you think! Soon you will be obsessing over what toys to get your little one, next you will probably feel pressured to get him on a schedule, in his own bed, then conquering solids & the cup..it never ends..decisions ..decisions Oh and please consult a lactation specialist because you most probably do not need to supplement! EBF for all the wonderful, natural benefits!!!

    You will continue to do just fine & we are all here to help

    Definately take any company & help you can get. I isolated myself & felt like I was gonna go crazy after awhile because of the sleeplessness. My ol' man was working six shifts a week & he wasn't around as much as I woulda liked. Friends & family are what you need right now - for support

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    We had a 5lb 8oz little boy too. He was also sleepy for the first month.

    Here are a few ideas:
    Try to limit distractions for your baby as much as possible, especially when he is eating. Feed him in a quiet, dark place.
    Try nursing more frequently and don't expect him to eat for 15-30 minutes. 5-10 minutes on one side every 1-2 hours will probably add up to plenty of milk.
    Relax and enjoy him!

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    Default Re: Please help-- week old & going bonkers!

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    G - born 8/6/11, EPd for 4 months, until he refused the bottle!
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