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Thread: Sleeping a lot

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    My 10-week-old LO has been sleeping a lot the past two days. He had been ill with a cold earlier in the week with a lot of congestion and a slight fever. I took him to the ped who told me to watch the fever, which ended up going away without getting any higher. He was very restless those first couple of days. Now, however, he is sleeping a lot. I never thought I would be worried about him sleeping so much, but last night he slept from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. this morning. I finally got him up to nurse because I don't want my supply to diminish, but after eating, he went back to sleep. I am planning to monitor his diaper output today to ensure that he is getting enough to eat. I guess I am just so used to the every two or three hour nursing marathon we have been doing since birth. Anyone else have experience with this? I feed on demand, so I haven't done any pumping. Thanks!

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    My little one sleeps a lot too. She just hit 12 weeks and has been doing this for the last few weeks. I spent a week monitoring her feedings and diapers, and while she is a little low compared to some (about 6-8 feedings with at least as many wets), she still gains weight. She just happens to get her sleep in two rather big chunks with little naps on the side.

    Definitely monitor things if you're worried. Especially since your LO was sick recently.

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    My ds just was sick recently. He slept soooo much after his fever broke that I too began to worry. Rest assured (no pun intended), your lo is fine-just catching up and recovering. I'm the same way. I need sleep and lots of it to recover from being ill. I think it's in the first couple of weeks that you shouldn't let them sleep for more than four hours so that they eat enough to gain back what they lost birth weight-wise. I assume you lo has done that. I'd say a six to eight hour stretch is plenty of time without a feeding, which is what you already did. I think you're on the right track, momma. You can always call the ped. nurse if you just want a little reassurance.

    Are you getting your sleep when he sleeps? I'd bet you're behind too since you've probably been up with him b/c he's been sick and he's still a newborn.
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