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Thread: abrupt change in habit-will it affect supply?

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    Default abrupt change in habit-will it affect supply?

    i'm worried about 2 things, my milk production and my baby's nourishment. today has been a very strange nursing day. 14 week old ds had a normal night with a feeding at 2 AM and 5 AM. and again upon waking at 630AM. Then he slept almost all day, waking up to feed once at around 1130 and then not again until 430pm. i tried to offer several more times since then and he has taken the breast but reluctantly, with much tugging and yanking. just now (730pm) i fed him and he projectile vomited a TON of milk. Now our total for the past 12 hours is around 3 feedings, instead of our normal 6. He also has never slept so many hours during the day since he was a little newborn.

    could he have slept through some needed feedings or would he have woken up if he had been hungry? should i have been pumping today to make up for the times he didn't feed? is this what they call a nursing strike? is it normal for a 14 week old to sleep for 5 hours straight during the day? this is totally atypical for him. strangely, now since waking at 2:30, he has only had one short 30 minute nap. that's almost 6 hours of straight wake time, and he never does that!! he always falls asleep after 1 1/2-2 hours of wake time. will this affect my milk supply?

    also, how long do you wait to feel them after they throw up like that? do you try right away since you know they are empty or do you wait in case they feel nauseated? this is only the 2nd time ever that ds has thrown up a meal.

    i'm really new at this so i would really appreciate your sage advice. thank you!!

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    Default Re: abrupt change in habit-will it affect supply?

    My LO did that around 4-8 weeks. They say it is not good to wake a sleeping baby, but they do need to eat. Your LO might have flopped his night time with the day time. I read the book "On Becoming Baby Wise" to help me get my LO on a great feeding, wake, and sleeping schedule. I highly recommend it.

    During the time my LO did this, I always woke her up to feed during the day, but let her sleep as long as she wanted at night. If a feeding is missed it is recommended to pump so your supply does not decrease. I wish someone had told me this sooner. I still have so much trouble with my supply, but you may not have that issue.

    My LO has projectiled vomited and I never fed her right afterwards. It was usually right before a nap, so she would take about an hour nap and then wake up ready to eat. It may not be the same for your LO, but this is what I did in that situation.

    There were definitely times where she did not sleep for 4-6 hours at a time. I thought it was crazy, but she was just not tired and there was nothing I could do to get her to sleep.

    As soon as I got her on a feed, wake, sleep schedule (from the On Becoming Baby Wise book) she always knew when she was going to eat and sleep. She fell into the schedule really easily and is a great napper now.

    Hope this helps.
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    Default Re: abrupt change in habit-will it affect supply?

    Are you sure it was vomit and not spitup? My little guy has had a couple of projectile spitups in the last few months. Not vomit - it doesn't smell like vomit at all, it smells like spitup, but there is a TON of it. He did it the first time while sitting in his stroller and it scared the living crap out of me. Didn't bother him in the least, and I called my mother in law (a retired RN) in a panic, but she said no, if it doesn't smell like vomit, it's not vomit.

    So maybe he does just have his days and nights mixed up, and it was just a projectile spitup. Kinda freaky, but nothing to worry about, according to my mother in law and my pediatrician.

    If it were me and I suspected that there might be something else going on, I'd call the pediatrician just to make sure. Can't hurt to err on the side of caution in this case, I'd think!

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