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Thread: Proactiv & Breastfeeding

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    Default Proactiv & Breastfeeding

    I found on kellysmoms.com that proactiv acne treatment is ok while breastfeeding. Has anyone asked their doctor and been told something else?
    Anyone use the product while breastfeeding?
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    Default Re: Proactiv & Breastfeeding

    I have used it for all three of the pregnancy's and B/Fing. The only thing is, is that the lotion actually beaches things it comes in contact with. I LOVE the product!! good luck
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    Default Re: Proactiv & Breastfeeding

    I asked two different doctors, both said it was fine. I used it through my pregnancy and continue to use it while breastfeeding. It works great.

    I try to use it only once a day (the instructions say use it twice if I recall correctly). Also, I try not to let little one touch my face afterwards for a few hours. I use it right before I put him down for the night (trying to avoid having my face touch little one).

    Be sure to wash your hands well (30 seconds rule) after applying, our little ones are more sensitive to chemicals than we are.

    HTH and good luck!
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