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Thread: Pumping too much?

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    Default Pumping too much?

    Hello everyone,

    It's probably silly that it's taken me this long to wonder if I'm pumping too much, but here's my situation.

    DD is 6 months old and is a reverse cycler (easily accommodated by co-sleeping, as others have mentioned) ever since I went back to work. She's another bottle-refuser, so her daytime EBM consumption is pretty low. I'm not worried about her (she's happy and active and a very healthy 23 pounds to date) but our freezer is full to bursting with EBM.

    I have been pumping (both breasts) 3x a day on my full days and 2x on my half days. I've also got somewhat of an overabundant milk supply. DD has only ever fed off one side at a time; we just started out that way and I never thought much about my milk supply because she always nursed for a decent amount of time on one side and was satisfied for 1.5 to 2 hours. I've been noticing that the EBM is not as creamy as what I pumped when I first started back to work, so I don't think I'm emptying my breasts very effectively.

    Should I be pumping less often because of her nursing habits and my overproductivity? Should I swtich from double pumping to just doing one side at a time? I know it doesn't seem like diminished supply is something I should be worried about it, but my milk took forever to come in in the first place so I'm a little worried about doing anything that will cause me to dry up.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: Pumping too much?

    My son never caught on to the breastfeeding but takes bottles of BM happily and nurses a little in the morning and at night along with bottles. So, I am almost an exclusive pumper.

    I would suggest pumping for the same amount of times but decrease the duration that you are pumping.
    when I notice that I have way too much milk in the fridge, I decrease the amount of time that I pump for. give it a try, it may work for you.
    Good luck!

    Proud mother of Nathaniel, 3.5 months old.

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    Default Re: Pumping too much?

    Thanks Karen! I'll give that a try and see how it goes.

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