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Thread: Hair Loss??

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    Default Hair Loss??

    So I'm weaning a bit... but my hair has been falling out so badly again... I had this at like 3 months post partum, and now at 12months its happening again... I only dropped one nursing session... could the hormonal fluctuation be the cause?

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    I sure would like to know this too! I'm going through the same thing! My ds is 20 months and nursing somewhat less and just recently, like over night, I noticed my hair was starting to fall out again! It was really bad postpartum until he was 6 months old. Then it stopped falling out almost completely. Now it's doing it again! So if nothing else, you're not alone! The only thing I could link it to is hormonal change due to less nursing. Can anyone help?
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    Hi, I need to join the club too. My hair was falling out alot at first then stopped. Now my lo is 13 months and it is starting all over again. I am thinking its hormones.
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