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Thread: Going back to work in a week

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    Default Going back to work in a week

    Going back to work in a week. I'm having tremendous anxiety because two nights ago my LO decided he wasn't going to go to sleep until 4 am. Any suggestions to organize myself so that I don't panic getting ready in the AM for work?

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    I always just did the obvious - getting everything ready the night before. I pack my lunch, pack LO's bag, get all the pump parts in the bag. That way, everything is by the door ready to go so I can't forget anything.

    I feel ya on lack of sleep, though. That can be miserable. I actually found that the routine of daycare helped my LO to sleep a lot better at night, though. I used to look forward to the nights she'd been at daycare, so I could get more sleep. So maybe things will get easier once you've both had a chance to get used to a regular routine.
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