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Thread: Ok to let LO drop a feeding

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    Default Ok to let LO drop a feeding

    Well, I have posted a few messages over the past 5 days because I was concerned that my LO was skipping 1 of his normal feedings. He is 4 1/2 months old (weighed 7'4" at birth and 16 lbs. at 4 month appointment 2 weeks ago). I'm pretty sure he knows when he is or isn't hungry and if I try to feed him when he isn't hungry or is very tired he just screams until I stop. So I just wanted to get some reassurance that it is ok if he drops 1 of his usual feedings. He was nursing at 6 am, 9am, 12, 3pm, 5pm and 7 pm (or around each of these times) and then sleeping from 8pm to 6am without waking up to nurse. The past 5 days he has either skipped the 5pm or 7pm feeding. Is it ok for him to only nurse 5-6 times in 24 hours as long as he's wetting 5+ diapers (usually completely drenched and heavy) and 1+ stools per day? I'm just paranoid because LC's always say 8+ feedings per day, but I demand feed and this is what he demands. Thanks to all in advance!

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    i think it's perfectly normal. my lo used to have that exact same pattern. he does wake at least once a night now, but still only eats 5-7 times in a day.
    keep up the great work momma!

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    I would say you're fine... my first dd was on the identical schedule which she set for herself! Good luck and you're doing great!
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