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Thread: Help! Weaning my 2.5 year old...

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    My daughter is 3 and 3 months, in the past week she has slept in her own bed 3 nights from around 7-6!!! I have not actively night weaned her. I nurse her to sleep and then we move her to her own bed. She creeps back into bed when she wakes up.

    I'm feeling like can continue to survive here...

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    Default Re: Help! Weaning my 2.5 year old...

    I agree, it is possible to get them to sleep throught the night! My son was waking every couple of hours and would only go back to sleep if I nursed him. We tried http://www.drjaygordon.com/development/ap/sleep.asp Dr Gordon's method and I was absolutely floored that it worked!!! It only took a couple of nights and now he sleeps about 9 hours at night! Try it! You can always quit and go back to your regular routine if it's not something you are comfortable with. Seriously, after only 4 nights of this technique, I woke up in the morning in a panic because i hadn't heard a peep from my son, only 4 feet away in his bed, all night long! He's been sleeping through the night since (several months ago) and still nurses like a newborn sometimes during the day (he's 20 months old).
    HTH and good luck!!
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    im glad i read this post as i have been having a hard time weaning aliyah well i hadnt got no where i read what trish posted and im going to give that a try..we co-sleep and i dont want to stop that being that shes my last i want to just soak as much of her as i can...she can sleep with me till shes 15 and id be happy n/r but gosh who would of know that i didnt even think id make it to a year and here we are 17mo. later!!!!! i would nurse her into her
    2nd year but due to health reasons i cant and i need to start some meds in august for my arthritis...but gosh some one send me some luck thx in advance

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    Wanted to share our story as my son is 33 months and just completely weaned 2 weeks ago (so far). Up until about two months ago he was nursing also 1-2 times at night, wake up, and nurse to sleep. I had been the human pacifier until late last fall, when at bedtime I told him he that he could nurse, but had to say "night night" to nummies. It definitely took some practice, and he was upset, but usually he was okay with it as long as he could rest his hand on "nummies" instead.

    Let me say that my we cosleep, and my son didn't eat much solids until he was a year old, is an allergy baby, nursed A LOT until just last fall, was a high need baby, etc... I didn't really plan his weaning in these last 2 months, it just happened. I am also 15 weeks pregnant, and lost my supply almost immediately after I got pregnant.

    So this is high we nightweaned, and I was pretty flexible if some nights he competely protested, other nights he was fine not to nurse:

    -can't believe this worked, but one night while he was nursing to sleep (out of desperation and exhaustion myself being newly pregnant and night nursing) I asked him what was his favorite? Nursing at night during sleep or nursing in the morning when he woke up? He answered "morning" so I explained the whole not nursing til the sun comes up, and I couldn't believe that it worked! He was okay with it! Now we had LOTS of "morning wake ups EARLY at 5:30am when he's usually a late sleeper. But I tried to be positive and let him nurse when he'd waited all night long even still night waking but going back to sleep just resting his hand on "nummies" or taking a sip of water and going back to sleep.

    We did this for a long time, 5 or 6 weeks until nursing first thing at wake up and at bedtime was a routine. I also started limiting the time he nursed from 10 minutes to 5 minutes, then finally just to a couple of minutes. I started to really not enjoy nursing anymore, the whole skin -crawling feeling and really getting frustrated at myself for feeling that way. I had been talking to my son for several months about the idea of a weaning party, but finally one day about a month ago, the idea stuck. He is really into dinosaurs and started to get really excited about a big boy dinosaur party.

    So one day a few weeks ago I asked him again the same question about his favorite nursing time and when he told me morning, we cut out the bedtime. As long as he could "put a hand" he was okay with that. I waited a week, thinking I would wait another month before trying to completely wean him, but he was getting so excited about the party, I decided one morning to ask him if it wasy okay to say "goodbye" to nummies and plan our party. He sat up it bed, sang a little goodbye song that we had sung before when dropping the previous nursing sessions, talkied about how it was okay to miss "nummies" and how big boys can gets hugs, kisses and do fun things that babies can't do. He was okay with it! And we planned a big boy party just about as big as a birthday party for him, invited some friends, and some family (even the ones that weren't supportive of EBF, but they came and were happy to be there). He told me who he wanted to invite, we shopped for party supplies, made the cake, he got a big boy toy (a bucket of dinosaurs), played lots of games, etc. He was SO excited. He only asked to nurse a couple of mornings after that, but after gently reminding him, and when he was obviously mad with my answer, reminding him that it was okay to be sad or mad about nummies, he was okay. We play Mommy dinosaur, baby dinosaur now when we wake up instead, nudging and hugging and getting eskimo kisses instead of nursing.

    I first wondered if letting him put his hand on my breast would just be replacing then nursing. But since his intensity for wanting to do that has lessneded a several times he has even forgotten, too excited about something else to do when he wakes up. I am so proud of him! And a little selfishly so glad to have my body back until the next baby comes!

    I know this was long, but I wanted to share what worked for us. BELIEVE me, I was prepared in thought and mind for him to nurse well into the next baby's time, thinking a lot about tandem nursing. But for whatever reason and with some gentle encouragement he did it by himself! I won't lie and say that he hasn't cried, been really mad and even hit/bit me a few times. That's when I backed off and allowed him to nurse being flexible, trying to understand that he was trying to process it as a only a 2 year old could and that he really needed to know that he was still my baby and that it would be okay!

    I hope that this helped and I wish you the best for your nursing journey as well!

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    Default Re: Help! Weaning my 2.5 year old...

    We used Dr. Jay Gordons method for night weaning. For daytime, I have just gone by "don't offer, Don't refuse" and distraction. He weaned his wake up nursing himself at around 12 mo., but he normally wanted to nurse about an hour after getting up. I slowly using distraction over a week or 2 pushed this off until the morning nap (he was still taking one at the time). When he gave up his morning nap about 6 weeks later, he kept nursing at his previous nap time, which was OK with me for a while because by that time we where only nursing before nap and bed, making 3 times a day. About a month ago, we where out at rummage sales all morning and part of the afternoon, and he didn't really ask to nurse untill almost dinner time. He had fallen asleep for his nap in the carseat on the way home, and to my surprise didn't ask to nurse upon waking. I decided at that point he was probably ready to give up the morning session. I started not offering it, and I think he only asked to nurse once or twice. We still have not weaned the nap or bedtime session, We are likely going to start working on that in the next few weeks.
    For getting your son to sleep in his own bed, I always start my LO on his crib matress which is on the floor next to our bed. He knows that if he wakes up at night and needs cuddles from mommy, he can get me. He normally right now crawls into bed with us at some point in the wee hours of the morning, but sometimes he stays in his bed all night. If/when I decide I want him to sleep in his own bed all the time, My plan is to climb into bed with him when he wakes needing mommy instead of letting him in bed with me. Hopefully I won't fall back asleep in his bed.
    BTW we completly co-slept untill after his 1st B-day, so he was not always in the habit of sleeping in his own bed even for a while.
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