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Thread: Help!! 7 1/2 month old wt is 16pds

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    Unhappy Help!! 7 1/2 month old wt is 16pds

    Hello Everyone,
    I am new to this and needs some advice. I have been introducing solids to my sweet Zoe and now I am all confuse on when she should eat last and so forth. I am nursing her and trying to pump, but pumping gets me discouraged after being a milk machine its like gone now. How often should I be nursing my baby? How much should she be eating from the bottle of bm oz wise? I would like to get her on a schedule of breakfast, lunch & dinner, as far as solids, so then when do I incorporate nursing..... This is the first time I have nurse for so ling with my boys I stopped after 6 months...
    I am going away this weekend without her just me and hubbyh and I have milk stored but so confuse on how much is the right amount to give her and coordinate solids in between and if its up to her, she would drink the bottle all day long.

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    Default Re: Help!! 7 1/2 month old wt is 16pds

    How old is baby? What does a "typical" day look like already as far as nursing/pumping goes?
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    Default Re: Help!! 7 1/2 month old wt is 16pds

    he is 7.5 months old. sge eats about 5-6 nusing a would say... She loves to eat, her solids, so I am trying to put her on a schedule...

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    Default Re: Help!! 7 1/2 month old wt is 16pds

    Someone please correct me if I'm wrong...

    That's how old my DD is. Great age, isn't it?

    Typically you should have enough milk that will cover 1 to 1.5 ounces per hour you're away from your LO. So if you're gone 48 hours, I would make sure you have at least 48 ounces ready. That would be like 10 bottles of 4 ounces or a bit more. (if she nurses 5-6 times a day)

    Whoever is watching her can keep most of it in the freezer just incase it doesn't all get used up. (especially since you want to incorporate solids in the routine as well so she might not drink all of that)

    I would do a jar of solids for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and nurse either before or after. (and of course in between)

    Good luck!
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