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Thread: relactating one breast, lower supply in other...

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    Default relactating one breast, lower supply in other...

    because of a lumpectomy I had when I was 14, I've only ever been able to hand express two or three drops from my left breast... I just assumed it produced but didn't have a way of emptying... I pumped exclusively for my daughter (I wanted to bf, she had a hard time nursing and I wasn't a knowledgeable enough then to know that I could work with her to get her to nurse...) and would get about 40-48 oz per day just from my right breast...

    I had my son 2 months ago and my new Dr seems to think that my right side should work. he told me this at my 7 week check) so since then I've been trying to pump that side every time my son nurses on my right side (which is about every hour-sometimes a little sooner, rarely ever later) and my son will latch on to that side but he either gets really mad or just falls asleep.

    I'm still bleeding, very faintly, but have been peeing out stringy, fleshy looking pieces and I'm wondering if it could be retained placenta??? I'm having trouble with my milk supply this time around and am sometimes having to supplement... usually about once or twice a week-it adds up to maybe 2-4 oz of formula a week. I'd really like to not have to do that... I'm taking about 12-14 fenugreek pills a day, I nurse on demand whenever for as long as he wants... we cosleep-he practically sleeps with me in his mouth some nights, lol. I'm just wondering why I'm having supply issues, if it could be retained placenta, or what... I really don't want to have to supplement but at night time it seems that I am completely empty... I know that a lot of women's supply drops at night but after several weeks of this I finally convinced DH to try and see if he could get anything (he was severely grossed out, LOL) and he said he got a tiny bit at first but nothing more and he sucked 10-15 times... so I'm really not sure what's going on...

    any ideas?
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    Default Re: relactating one breast, lower supply in other...

    Moving this thread to Relactation and Induced Lactation for more replies.

    Have you spoken to your health care provider about the retained placenta possibility?

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