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Thread: Doesn't eat solid foods

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    Default Doesn't eat solid foods

    Hello, my daughter is 17mnths, and I would love to wean her. The problem is she doesn't eat alot of solid foods. I have tried since she was 5 mnths old to introduce solids, and she has never been interested. She loves her breastmilk. She does eat better now than say at 12 mnths, but she still only takes 3 or 4 bites of food when I offer it throughout the day. I feel like she is hungry and so asks to breastfeed more often, although it doesn't seem to fill her up? If we are busy through the day she will sometimes only nurse once or twice during the day, but even with less nursing, she doesnt seem to eat more. Any suggestions ???

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    Have you talked with her pediatrician? Could she have an oral aversion? Does she put other stuff in her mouth? Chew on stuff?

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    Something you can try that I did with my son is when he asked to nurse and I thought he might just be hungry or thirsty I would offer him food/drink first. Much of the time this worked, then if they won't eat/drtink still or nedd it after, you can nurse. I used this to help day wean. Also, my son won't eat things that are not finger foods with a few exceptions (yogurt, pudding, etc.) although recently he is learning how to use a fork and spoon.
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