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Thread: Not sleeping much

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    DD2 is 10wks old, we have had a rollercoaster of issues since she was born, but we have always managed to get through them. We had OALD, her stools were green, etc etc. On the other hand she was a model baby, she would feed for 10min, at 4wks was sleeping all night and things were going good.

    She was born with an Hemangioma (blood birth mark) on her lip, after a few weeks as it grew it got ulcerated and she developed a wound on her lip. The doctor ordered me immediately to stop breastfeeing and feed her by syringe. I did this for a week, it was horrible, I was pumping like crazy every two hours and she ultimately got used to this new feeding style although she never loved it.

    As I did research in the Internet, I should have never stoped breastfeeding (the ulcer would have healed on it own). I was so mad at the doctor, but that is another story.

    Now I see myself in a totally different situation than before I stoped BFing her. She was off the breast for a week, only receiving a syringe with EBM. She has been back on the breast for a week, but now she can stay at the breast for hours, (her suck is not as strong) she doen't sleep much during the day, she might fall asleep for 20 mins max two times a day. She is mostly at the breast or being held, otherwise she is crying. At night she wakes up continuously and is constantly fidgiting.

    I do not mind her changes, I love having her at my breast and i do try to put her on a sling some times, (I work at home, and while I am working she is with her grandmother here at my house). She was so good at the begining I figured it was too good to be true. However, She does not want anyone else to hold her, and does not nap. Whenever I think she is out cold for at least an hour, she wakes up 15mins later. I am worried about her not getting enough sleep. She is not cranky as long as she is with me.

    I think she got traumatized from the experience and now is afraid we will go back to the syringe, I feel like she does not want to fall asleep cause she is afraid I won't be there to feed her. I also need to work, so I cannot be with her all the time. I've tried puting her on a sling while I work, but it is a bit uncomfortable. (I work on a computer)

    Any suggestions? How can I get her back to her old self? Is it a matter of time? has anyone had a similar situation?

    Thank you for your comments. I am sorry it is such a long post, but I needed to explain the whole situation.

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    Default Re: Not sleeping much

    I dunno...mine went through a phase like that, and I nursed him all the time. Have you tried napping with her on your bed? That was the only way I could get mine to have any decent naps (and I grew to really love the ritual of taking our morning nap together...now, sadly, he's slowly cutting it down)
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