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Thread: 2 & 1/2 weeks nursing - Refusing Bottle? Help

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    Exclamation 2 & 1/2 weeks nursing - Refusing Bottle? Help

    Lo is 12 weeks. He has had EBM since 3 weeks old via bottle. He has now been nursing exclusively 2 & 1/2 weeks. Since then, we have tried the bottle a few times and he has refused. I let my mom and DH try, with no luck.
    DH is upset now, wishing I was not nursing, as we will never get any "alone" time and LO won't be able to go to grandma's.

    How can I get him to take the bottle also? I don't want to leave him somewhere and him refuse to eat!

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    Default Re: 2 & 1/2 weeks nursing - Refusing Bottle? Help

    Well, it's probably best at this point anyway if you wait a bit, since you worked so hard at getting him on the breast in the first place.

    Reassure your husband that this will not last forever (though I know from experience that it feels like that at first). Even if the baby never takes the bottle, he will eventually tend more naturally to something of a predictable feeding schedule, so you and your husband can sneak away, leaving baby with grandma for a few hours. Not long after that, you'll probably start solids, so you could leave him with grandma during his solid food time and she can feed him. My baby also started sleeping through the night (out of the blue, with no encouragement from me) around 6.5mos.

    Some things I've heard that have worked for others:
    - Switching to a latex nipple if you've been using a silicone one
    - Using Breastflow bottles
    - experimenting with different nipple flows
    - Not warming the breast milk (or warming it if you've been doing that). Sounds crazy, I know, but a lady in my LLL group said that's what got her baby to take one, and that the daycare she used suggested it (they must deal with that all the time)
    - Offering the breast first, just so he's not starving and frustrated by the time he gets the bottle

    You might also consider:
    - Introducing the cup or sippy cup
    - Syringe feeding
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