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Thread: mastitis-when will my fever break?

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    Default mastitis-when will my fever break?

    I have a fever of 103.6 even after taking both tylenol and ibuprofen. I was prescibed Ceflex and have taken 2 doses already. Those who have had similar experience, how long did it take for the antibiotics to kick in?

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    Default Re: mastitis-when will my fever break?

    When I took antibiotics I felt better within 12 hours. But the most reliable cure for me has been a HOT compresses directly on the infected part of the breast. As hot as I can stand for as long as I can stand. And then hand expressing the gunk (slowly pressing from the back to the front especially on the hard bits) out of my breast in a hot shower.

    I was getting mastitis every few days at first, now I hit it with a hot compress at the first sign of trouble, and it hasn't progressed to anything worse since then.

    Hope you feel better soon! I know it sure feels crappy!

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    Default Re: mastitis-when will my fever break?

    I had the WORST case of mastitis a few months ago and I had a really high fever too. It took 3 whole doses of antibiotics for my fever to at least respond to the advil and 2 days on antibiotics for the fever to actually break. It was the worst fever I have ever had and left me exhausted afterwards. I had chills so bad that my neck ached after my fever finally came down.

    I hope that you hang in there! It's bad but worth it.
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    Default Re: mastitis-when will my fever break?

    most antibo. can take anywhere up to 24 hrs to be effective! Feel better!! I had it too! rough!

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