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Thread: green mucusy poops

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    Default green mucusy poops

    my ds 4mo, has been having mucusy poops latley, he is acting prity much normal, he sometimes is fussy and likes to suck on his fists and drool, i think maybe he maybe teeting, i dont know what to think of his poos, i have read that he can get them if hes not getting enought hindmilk, he has been nusring ok, he recently is more interested in looking arround then eating and pulls of very often, i have been trying to make him eat ate least 15min, just because if i dont i feel like im always feeding him as he is not getting enough to satisfy him when he pulls off to lookall arround, i also hve read that he could have a stomach virus, he has been having them for a week or more now, if he is teething and that is what is causing them, how long canit last adn is it ok that he is having them>???
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    Sounds like your little one is teething... The sucking of fists, drooling, mucus poops all sings of teething (goes with the age time line). Around 4 months is also when they start to become alert to all around them. So if the pet walks by or the tv is on, maybe someone starts to talk to you while the little one if feeding now they will want to check out whats going on. Try to nurse in a quit room that is dark.

    The green poops could be lack of hind milk or like you said virus. If your LO has has a few infections lately, you might want to call the doctor just to be safe and make yourself feel better.

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: green mucusy poops

    You might find this link helpful. More info about poop that you ever dreamed about

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    Default Re: green mucusy poops

    I don't really have an answer but just wanted to say that my five month old (in a week) has been doing the same thing with pulling off and with the poops. She has also been drooling alot and chewing her fists, so I am leaning towards teething as the culprit for the poops. But in the meantime, I am cutting out dairy as much as I can (it's hard!!!) in case it is a food allergy. I have also been worried about a foremilk imbalance because of the constant on/ off and switching breasts to keep her going. Maybe I shouldn't keep switching but otherwise she complains about the slow flow. Anyone else have anything similar? We need help!

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    My LO has green mucousy poops as well and I am really confident it is teething. Same thing happened with my first baby everytime her teeth were on the way. I am quite sure it is not a hind milk thing as he is feeding better that ever and definitely draining the breast. I am no expert so if you are unsure see a doctor, but I thought it might be reassuring to let you know that you're not the only ones!

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    My LO had green, mucousy poops for about a month! I had a stool culture done which showed nothing. Eventually, he got back to normal.

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