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Thread: my daughter weaned! (I think...)

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    Default my daughter weaned! (I think...)

    I just wanted to share... My daughter, who is 3 yrs and 8 months old, has now not nursed for 3 days. For a few months now, she's been down to one nurse first thing in the morning. Recently it had been starting to really hurt, I think because I had hardly any milk left. So I started complaining about it to her (not exaggerating, but just being honest that it didn't feel good to me any more). For a long time we've been doing a count down (I count down from five, each side); recently I've made the "five minutes" into more like five seconds, because it hurt! But for a while, even tho' there was clearly not a lot of milk in there, she still wanted to nurse, even for a little while; and I figured I'd let her & put up with it for a little while, as long as it still seemed worth it to her. But now, for the last three days, she hasn't nursed even in the morning. She still asks, "Can I cuddle Noony (my breast), because she's so cute?". So we cuddle instead, and she seems happy with that. I think it was the right time for both of us. I'm glad I didn't force her to quit nursing before she was ready. Even so, she has been more clingy recently, even before finally quitting; she doesn't want to say goodbye to me when it's time for her to go to nursery, even tho' that had been pretty easy for her for a while. I think it's probably normal; she needs some extra love, it's a big change. And in fact, I feel more clingy to her too! Fortunately its the end of the school year, so we can spend extra time together. Anyway, goodbye, everybody, and good luck with your nursing!

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    Default Re: my daughter weaned! (I think...)

    What a beautiful weaning story!!! I hope my daughter will wean as gracefully. Good job, Mama!!!

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    Default Re: my daughter weaned! (I think...)

    oh that is sweet! You did a great job nursing her that long.

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    thanks for sharing, it feels so good to hear happy weaning stories, and reassuring that children do eventually wean!

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